Why our clients love us

Dr. Miller and Dr. Goodman blend science and art, applying dental techniques with consummate skill. The result? Impeccable, healthy smiles. Our clients expect top results—whether it’s cosmetic dentistry or family checkups.

Cosmetic dentistry

Want to look your best? Transforming smiles is a passion of Dr. Miller and Dr. Goodman. From life-like porcelain veneers to single-treatment whitening suitable for even the most sensitive mouths.

Family dentistry

Great teeth are the result of diligent dental hygiene starting at an early age. Finding the right dentist plays a big part! An inviting atmosphere and a well-furnished play area help make serving young families one of the things that we do best.

Neck & Jaw Relief

Do you suffer from chronic jaw, neck or head pain? When we close our mouths, 70% to 80% of us have a non-ideal bite, otherwise known as a malocclusion.